Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tips For New Bloggers
All kinds of tips on things that new blooger may want to know, and that Blogger Help is devoid of.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just some really great Photoshop tutorials.
Eyes on Design
Download free graphics and learn how to create stunning Adobe Photoshop effects
A really nice Photoshop and other graphic program community, Everyone is very helpful. Free and paid memberships.
The Russell Brown Show
Russell was doing video's before YouTube showed up. Losts of really great advice and knowledge in that insouciant Russell Brown way. - Geek Toys, Gifts and Gadgets
Commercial Use Scrapbooking Items
Items you can re-color, etc., and then sell in your own kits at a shop.
Camp Chef
All sorts of stuff for cooking while camping out. Source of iron cookware. Find and Build Open Source Software
Where you can find Notepad++, Notepad++ Plugins, css and javascript editors, paint programs, and much more. I may want to dig around in here some day when I have a little time.
House of Lime - Dingbats
The purple page.
PD Photo is a repository for free public domain photos. However the photos may not be high-res. Better resolution images are apparently available for a small fee.
Free stock images. A little hard to use. Look for the image url or the Raw Image link after clicking download.
Notepad++ is a free Notepad replacement for MS Windows.
40+ Free Windows Apps
Free and/or open source alternatives to commercial windows programs.

20 Open Source Windows Apps Open source and/or free alternatives for windows programs.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blue Vertigo: Massive Graphics Resource List
The website is slightly disorientating, hence the word "Vertigo", but you can find free and paid stock photos, fonts, PS brushes, vector graphics, color tools, sounds, patterns, and textures from the listing as you scroll - to the right.
MrNifty: 100 Legal Sources for Free Stock Images

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Decorative Films
Privacy films of all types and colors that use a light, soap andwater removeable adhesive.

Glass Decor & More
Frosted Vertical Blinds Static Cling Film
PhotoShop Roadmap - 25 Nice Christmas Photoshop Tutorials and Brushes

Photoshop Roadmap - Even more Christmas Photoshop Tutorials
TutorialKit - Large directory of Photoshop tutorials.
Plugins for Acrobat, AfterEffects, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Apple's Aperture, FinalCut, iMovie and iTunes. Large freeware listing, click your interest on left to get directory, then choose license type.
500+ Photoshop brushes to download.
Painting Grass by John Shannon
A single tutorial, but the results are awesome!
Graphic Reporter
Photoshop and Photoshop Elements tutorials, digital photography, and graphic design tutorials.
Interesting place that has contests with prizes. I go for the tutorials.
ChainStyle Photoshop Resources.
Tutorials, downloads and some products for sale.
Inexpensive graphics software that can do one heck of a lot.I have it and need to work with it more.
Everything photo including 230+ Photoshop Tutorials.
" is the largest online community based on interest in consumer broadband (and related) information, news and tools."
Wikipedia: Network neutrality
"Neutrality proponents claim that telecom companies seek to impose a tiered service model more for the purpose of profiting from their control of the pipeline rather than for any demand for their content or services."

Friday, May 1, 2009

Union of Concerned Scientists
I don't agree with everything they say, but I enjoy considering their research and opinions.
Celebrations Party site
Party and gift ideas. Recipes, and craft instructions.
"Add This" - where to get those buttons.
Veteran Bloggers probably know about this already, but the Add This, Share This, and Bookmark This buttons not only allow readers of a blog to send and save a post, but the blog author can use it as well to promote their blog.

Use the site to make your own appropriate button and script, copy and paste in according to directions, viola! now click it to send your post where you want it.Forums for help as well at the site.