Saturday, December 11, 2010

Facebook's New Profile Pages: What Marketers Need to Know

Mitch Wagner, Editor in Chief

"Facebook this week launched its biggest profile page redesign in years, providing opportunities for smart marketers to connect with customers -- and enabling stupid and/or unscrupulous marketers better to annoy people."

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cell Phones for Soldiers

...and a way to erase data from your old phones...
Erase Cell Phone Data: Free Data Eraser

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cat Claws M.A.X. Big Cat Scratcher

This thing is so frigging awesome I only wish I had the room in the apartment to get one. I'll have to settle for one of the smaller ones, like
Bumpy Ramp
M.A.X. Scratch 'N Snooze Scratcher

They have a large assortment here;
M.A.X. Scratchers

Feline Furniture Cat Activity Starter Kit

I don't know that I would actually buy this for my cats, maybe if I had enough money.

However it seems to me that this would be fairly easy to make from pvc pipes and the interlocking joints that you can get at a hardware supply. Get some ripstop nylon and sew it up for the hammocks and those cube enclosures are sold at other places, or I could try my hand at one, but it's all held together with velcro straps so, why not?


"...started to answer the need for a safe place for blind cats that were deemed unadoptable by regular shelters"

They have a real cute video of two blind kittens playing. Simply adorable!

Modular Cat Cages and Cat Enclosure Systems

Lovely idea! I used the smaller 14x14 inch wire storage cubes to make a large kitten enclosure once, and that worked very well. If I ever get into my own home I will seriously consider this option to make am outside playground for my buddies.

Cat Gym

Despite the maker saying this cat tree gym is not for adult cats I think that my nut-butts* would have fun with this one.

*short for peanutbutter - I have no further explanation :-)

Giant High-Sided Cat Litter Pan

This pan is 23.4"L x 18.25"W x 11"H. Works great for cats who stand as they go, or multiple-cat households.

Cat Walking Jackets

Listings of soft vest-style harnesses that might work for walking a cat.

1) The WalkingJacket


3) In The Company of Dogs - Soft Walking Harness
Size for the smallest dogs might work for cats.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't forget about Brusheezy for Resources

Which has Photoshop brushes, patterns and textures to download. Just watch the licenses on them. Also remember that the Eezy network includes Vecteezy for vector graphics, Flasheezy for free flash, and Fresheezy for website themes.

Smashing Magazine's List of Freebies

Smashing Magazine has a list of great freebies from Photoshop brushes to WordPress themes.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Windows Registry and System Restore

The following are all Microsoft Knowledge Base articles;

Back up the registry in Windows XP

How to Back Up the Registry in Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition

Windows System Restore

WIndows Start-up Programs - Help Sites

Just a few sites that offer some insight and advice as to what programs your computer is running from start-up. Several resources noted as some go down at times. Use caution and think these through BEFORE applying changes to your computer.

And please, back up your Registry before starting.

1) Black Viper Windows Services ~ Includes complete explanations of each service and advice on which services you can safely disable.

2) Arvind Gopu's Tweak Windows XP services

3) Beemer's Optimize XP Services

4) - Disabling unnecessary and potentially dangerous services
Don't ask me about the site name - I couldn't find the reason right up front. What they look like is a six-year old network security group who share information about resolving problems and advising members as to proper network security protocol.

That's about it. Other sites found were ambiguous in their instruction that just might possibly make a someone mess up their computer.

Just take care with what you do, it will take some time so don't start unless you're willing to devote, at minimum, an hour reading everything and then another half-hour to 45 minutes actually resetting your system from the instructions.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

TUTORIAL: 50 Excellent Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

And someday I'll get to this program as well. Earmarking this for future use.

TUTORIAL: Learn How To Automate Photoshop With Actions at Photoshop

Just something I want to run through and accomplish someday. Heck, once this economic crap is over I may just get a membership and download some of their lessons.


Just a basic font site listed alphabetically. You can alter the display text, but I haven't yet found anything to make the text larger; or anything to sort categories. 

How to create a Photoshop Chrome Effect Style

Set of mini-tutorials that take you through the different steps of creating your own Photoshop layer styles.