Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WIndows Start-up Programs - Help Sites

Just a few sites that offer some insight and advice as to what programs your computer is running from start-up. Several resources noted as some go down at times. Use caution and think these through BEFORE applying changes to your computer.

And please, back up your Registry before starting.

1) Black Viper Windows Services ~ Includes complete explanations of each service and advice on which services you can safely disable.

2) Arvind Gopu's Tweak Windows XP services

3) Beemer's Optimize XP Services

4) - Disabling unnecessary and potentially dangerous services
Don't ask me about the site name - I couldn't find the reason right up front. What they look like is a six-year old network security group who share information about resolving problems and advising members as to proper network security protocol.

That's about it. Other sites found were ambiguous in their instruction that just might possibly make a someone mess up their computer.

Just take care with what you do, it will take some time so don't start unless you're willing to devote, at minimum, an hour reading everything and then another half-hour to 45 minutes actually resetting your system from the instructions.

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